Digital marketing for upcycled products

ATTRACTIVE and colourful recycled handicraft and fashionable products churned out by local communities on the mainland are set to enjoy a bigger market once they go online.

Aisuka.Life, a community-driven brand which has been promoting its products through the 3Us – Upcycle, Upskill and Uplift, will be moving onto online marketing.

The outfit, which has been working with two communities on the mainland in producing the items, previously marketed its products through several outlets such as Spice Garden in Teluk Bahang and the Habitat in Penang Hill.

Founder Dr Choong Jian Ming said the company had been nproducing upcycled products in cooperation with different communities, to equip them with skills with an objective to uplift the community.

“We are confident there will be a bigger impact on markets outside Malaysia with the attractive products being marketed online, ” said Dr Choong during the launching of Aisuka.Life by state social development and non-Islamic religious affairs committee chairman Chong Eng at Hin Bus Depot in Penang on Saturday.

The outfit was previously known as Project Ekokraf when it was started in 2018 under the Penang Women Development Corporation.

It was rebranded Aisuka.Life for the outfit to move forward as a business enterprise which grows the community, in collaboration with Seberang Prai City Council.

Chong Eng when launching Aisuka.Life, said the brand incorporated sustainability, circular economy, community engagement, social enterprise and online business elements.

“Which Penang initiative can inspire the nation than a community-driven brand and a movement that can create a greater impact in all three aspects of sustainability – social, economy and the environment.

“Aisuka.Life will be a brand that can achieve that by leveraging on the power of digital marketing, e-commerce and social entrepreneurship by believing in the power of community, ” she said.

“I strongly believe this brand will be going international and create more impact for the community and environment.”

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