From the Newsroom: It’s annoying when the news is all wet

After living in Clark County for more than 30 years, I have come to enjoy the fall rain. But I don’t enjoy getting a wet newspaper.

We’ve been having some trouble with that issue lately, after we switched most of our print customers from porch delivery to driveway delivery.

Frankly, we made the change for financial reasons. With this system, newspaper carriers can throw the paper without having to park, climb out of the car, drop the paper, get back in the car, refasten their seat belts and drive away. Because routes can be longer, the carriers can earn more money for their efforts, which take place at an inconvenient time of day. And because it keeps them in the car, it provides them with a better margin of safety.

Back to those wet newspapers. We had been using a thin, clear plastic bag for porch delivery, and it seemed to work fine. But left out in the elements, it can leak, and, voila, wet newspaper.

So we have been trying some new blue-colored bags. They’re thicker. In fact, they are so thick and watertight, you can use them as water balloons.

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