Women entrepreneur getting good response from online businesses

Islamabad : Since Pandemic has hit the countries hard, many jobs and employments have been laid off. The situation to manage the expenses becomes extremely hard and one has to rely on alternative means to sustain themselves.

Many families whose male members were laid off, has opted to online businesses without leaving their homes, using their cell phones and their laptops, to communicate and interact with their customers. The digital and IT sector in these trying times came out with flying colours. Many people are relying on the online services, confined to their homes, within the home comfort, providing the services that cater to the immediate needs of customers. There are many women entrepreneurs who have started their businesses from the March onwards for the first time online and our now reaping the benefits of their hardwork. Setting up an online shop showcasing their products, skills, services etc.

There are women, who occasionally used to bake or cook for their families only are now running great start ups online, because of the daily growing demands by their consumers. Saira Hameed one of the online bakers said that earlier she used to make cakes, muffins, breads occasionally for my family only but after this pandemic hit us, her husband was laid off. “It was a very difficult time for us earlier but we worked out to start this online bakery services and by the Grace of God, I’m doing very well now.” Sumera Shaheen said that whatever we do online startups of entrepreneurship in this period, we need to know that we have work really hard to sustain our businesses, and not fall off after pandemic. We would be cutting the cost for a while and sustain economically in this economic depression, but we should produce double the amount of products we are serving to keep our businesses afloat. Hiring the experts for ecommerce and apps could also give a boost to the online businesses.

Cooking expert Nazia said no doubt there are fewer social events than before, the buying power of the customer has also decreased, but raising the quality of products would only make your business thrive in the ever-increasing competition which is piling up everyday with added values. Nayyar dealing in online clothes said that the word of mouth, your contacts and your number can only do the trick if you provide quality products.

Online businesses have also become risky business for some consumers as they have experienced some mishaps and received not the exact replica of the online products or difficult return options, but somehow it works for those who trusts the sellers and knows the convenience of ordering online. We send a number of pictures to our clients and get a great response in all the seasons. This trust I have acquired over a period of few months only and now my customers trust me and my quality products.

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