WATConsult launches ‘Bharat by WATConsult’, a one-stop solution for multilingual digital marketing needs

WATConsult, the hybrid digital agency from the house of dentsu international, has launched ‘Bharat by WATConsult’, a one-stop solution for all multilingual digital marketing needs.

With the rapid growth in regional language users online, there is a strong need for the digital space to become more diverse in terms of language. Through this new introduction, the agency aims to help brands shape and sharpen their approach towards leveraging this multilingual digital opportunity.

The agency will be offering a holistic capability stack for local languages on digital, which includes creative digital content solutions, social media management, online reputation and response management, technology solutions for localisation, SEO and websites. Additionally, it will also consist of e-commerce and media planning and buying solutions.

WATConsult has designed and executed several campaigns, keeping in mind the linguistic diversity of the Indian audience such as when it targeted different pronunciations and spellings of the word ‘geezer’ to increase the reach for Racold water heaters. For SBI Life’s Real Life Real Stories campaign, each story was told in the protagonist’s language to maximise relatability and best bottle its essence. Also, having recently launched its report, ‘Digital, Diverse & Multilingual India’, Bharat by WATConsult comes as a step further in enabling brands and consumers communicate in the best possible way.

Heeru Dingra

Heeru Dingra, CEO, WATConsult, said, “India has always been known for its diversity. It has hundreds of major languages and many times more dialects. It only stands to reason that this linguistically diverse population, which is coming online in spades, gets a digital space that reflects this diversity. With people from the tier II & III cities gradually making up a major part of the online audience, a vernacular approach isn’t just an add-on anymore, but rather a necessity. Our vision is to empower every brand to make a meaningful connection with digital India in the language that’s best to connect in.”

WATConsult has 14 years of expertise in various fields like market and consumer insight, creative and content creation, website/app development, interactive experiences, digital and social listening, e-commerce, ORM, SEO, media buying and planning, programmatic advertising, and much more.


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