Markets Live, Thursday 14 January, 2021

“Back in 2015, we set the audacious goal of growing funds under management from $1 billion to $5 billion by 2020. It’s great to have met that target,” Australian Ethical CEO John McMurdo told investors on Thursday.

“Of course, 2015 was also the year that Australia and other countries around the world committed to the Paris Agreement on climate change, and the United Nations established the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

“And while progress has been disappointingly slow on both those fronts, at Australian Ethical we’re showing what positive action looks like by investing in ethical companies that are driving a more sustainable future while delivering strong returns for our customers.”

In addition to record net inflows, AEF’s FUM growth is also attributable to exceptional investment performance that drove growth in asset values of $572 million for the financial year to date.

Its Emerging Companies Fund delivered a return of 35.9 per cent (wholesale) in 2020, while its Australian Shares Fund delivered returns of 21 per cent per cent (wholesale); both over the last calendar year.

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