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Salton is introducing new blenders, in addition to several other small electrics.

NEW YORK—Ward off the winter doldrums with a look at the hottest new products from housewares manufacturers, including a suite of new small electrics from Salton, environmentally friendly products from abroad and a couple of new dinnerware lines in soft hues for spring.

Salton electric kettle

Salton is launching three blenders, from full size to compact (“condo size”) as well as a battery-powered portable one, to suit a range of lifestyles and needs. Its most popular coffeemaker, the Jumbo Java, is getting two more additions to the line: a Jumbo Java coffeemaker with a thermal carafe and a sleek model finished in white with stainless-steel accents. It is also launching an Air Fryer Toaster Oven with multiple functions and a stainless-steel finish. “This unit is already a hit in our office and we’re excited to launch this product in second quarter of this year,” said marketing manager Kevin Chandrarjan. It is also introducing two new air fryers to its assortment— a 3-liter model with manual controls and a 5-liter version with a digital display. Last but not least is a new stainless-steel breakfast collection that includes a variable temperature electric kettle and two-slice and four-slice toasters.

Dream’s Kneed knife

Dreamfarm has come up with what it calls “the everyday super knife” that cuts, spreads, scoops and never rusts in the dishwasher. Called Kneed, it has a unique shape with a rounded top edge that can spread and scrape the last bit out of jars, as well as a tetanized stainless-steel blade for cutting. It comes with a wide-mouth sheath that has a plastic wrap cutter built in and retails for $9.95.

Veritable’s indoor garden

French indoor garden manufacturer Veritable has come out with a compact, kitchen-friendly garden with built-in LED lights and a self-watering system. It is now available at Uncommon Goods, MoMA and VeritableUSA.com. These intelligent gardens provide optimum space, lighting and water for the plants to grow under the best conditions, according to the company. The proprietary smart lighting is designed to optimize growth and the development of the nutrients in the vegetables and herbs. The company offers Lingots, organic seeds, soil-less media and nutrients which are pesticide-free, GMO-free, 100% biodegradable and compostable.

German manufacturer Koziol’s newest products for 2021 include additions to it To Go collection and an expanded food storage product range in its I Am Organic line, which is made from cellulose and 100% recyclable, the company said.

Porcel’s Sunstone and Matcha dinnerware

Portuguese dinnerware company Porcel is unveiling two collections: Sunstone and Matcha. Sunstone is a full set of porcelain pieces decorated with fine gold lines, resulting in a reflective geometric pattern. Matcha is a soft green collection named after the Japanese powder made from green tea leaves. With a selection of nine colored pieces, green is the international symbol of hope, Porcel said. “Matcha is also vibrant and optimistic, just as the world wishes this new year to be.” Joining the Passion and Apricot collections, Matcha comes with the same composition, offering a selection of three colors for the same pieces so that mixing and matching is made easy.

Jars’ Vuelta Nori colorway

Fellow tabletop company Jars is presenting a fresh new green color for spring, called “Vuelta Nori.” Vuelta uses a glazing technique of applying several overglazes in dilute form to create depth and complexity. Multiple layers of glaze in variegated shades pool at the bottom of each dish for a speckled effect. The new color is available in a dinner plate, dessert plate, soup plate, serving bowl and salad bowl. Prices range from $40 to $108 depending upon the shape.

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