Sustainability officer tops list of jobs generating most buzz online

Analysis of tens of thousands of social media posts on LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has revealed that sustainability officer and renewables engineer are among the jobs generating the most buzz online.

A “social listening” exercise which saw researchers at the Open University scan more than 50,000 mentions on social media platforms and analyse online conversations between industry influencers and experts has concluded the roles are among the top 10 most in-demand jobs, alongside blockchain expert, AI developer, and data protection officer.

Drawinf on the results of the online analysis, an expert panel of entrepreneurs convened by the Open University has ranked sustainability officer and renewables control and instrumentation engineer at number one and five, respectively, in a shortlist of five jobs they believe are set to see the most growth over the next five years.

The entrepreneurs, which include supermodel and sustainability campaigner Eunice Olumide, AI specialist Priyga Lakhani, and retired professional rugby player and digital education business founder Sam Warburton, have urged workers to consider upskilling in the relevant sustainability, cyber, and business sectors as the jobs market evolves over the coming years.

“AI development and machine learning encompasses cyber security and these roles will help maintain Britain as number three in the world before USA and China,” said Lakhani, who is the CEO of AI teaching and learning platform Century. “UK entrepreneurs are begging you to upskill in these areas, so if you have any of those skills, go for it.”

Simon Tindall, head of skills and innovation at the Open University, said the campaign had been designed to highlight the various career pathways that could open up over the coming years as the economy recovers from the coronavirus crisis.

“What we’ve learned in the last year more than ever, is that with change can come opportunity,” he said. “Amidst the uncertainty of the current UK workforce and barriers to upskilling, we’re keen to highlight through this campaign that there are many ways to pursue new and exciting paths that range from free short courses to degree level qualifications.”

The government has pledged to unlock up to 250,000 highly-skilled green jobs by 2030 as part of its plans to deliver a net zero economy by mid-century.

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