Australian Government pilots new training approach to address digital skills gaps

For the Australian Government, its Digital Skills Organization (DSO) is conducting exams to test new approaches to designing digital qualifications and training to help the digital sector address regional skill gaps. We carry out.

As part of the trial, DSO will focus on entry-level data analysts and the general digital skills required.

“The Morrison government’s economic plan to ensure Australia’s recovery from the COVID-19 recession has digital skills at its core. This pilot will improve the skills pipeline and bring in more Australians. We are working to ensure that these qualifications fit our purpose so that we can do it for our digital workforce. “

“This exam shows what professional digital skills are needed, improves the relationship between employers and training systems, and brings more people to work.”

Pilots will work with the General Assembly of online learning providers, Goanna Education, an indigenous ICT training provider, and TAFE Queensland to try and test solutions that train and hire 100 data analysts, respectively. It’s done behind the scenes of a pilot project.

In the previous budget, the federal government allocated A $ 77.1 million to skills. Funding is shared by the Digital Skills Cadetship Trial and is expected to provide work-based learning opportunities for high-demand digital jobs. A $ 22.6 million for the Next Generation Emerging Technology Alumni Program, which offers more than 200 scholarships for emerging technologies. $ 43.8 million to expand the Cybersecurity Skills Partnership Innovation Fund to fund additional innovative projects to quickly improve the quality and quantity of Australian cybersecurity professionals.

Meanwhile, the Government of New South Wales has hired 205 new digital specialists (135 products, software, data, Salesforce engineers, 70 content, services, and product designers) to build its own digital workforce. I’m trying.

“New South Wales is Australia’s most digital jurisdiction and is committed to becoming a world leader in service delivery. By hiring additional engineers, designers and front-line support staff. We are fulfilling our promise to put our customers at the center. Everything we do. “

“Through QR codes, Dine & Discover Vouchers pandemics, and business grants, we’ve seen how important world-leading digital products are to New South Wales people. It’s safer and easier for people.”

In New South Wales, the state government has pledged A $ 1.4 million to set up the NSW Space Research Network in TechCentral, co-sponsored by the University of Sydney and the Council of the City of Sydney.

According to Stuart Ayers, the network will serve as a space for universities, industry and government to tackle space challenges, research commercial space products, and improve graduates’ skills.

“The network will enable NSW companies to compete in the space sector by connecting key stakeholders and conducting R & D activities focused on translation and impact,” said Stephen Williams, co-director of the network at the University of Sydney. Will do. “

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Australian Government pilots new training approach to address digital skills gaps

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