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Today marks another milestone for the Saturday Nation and the Nation Media Group at large. We are celebrating the dawn of a new era.  The Saturday Nation and all NMG’s print and digital products are going through transformation; changing their look and appeal and expanding depth and breadth of content.

True to our promise, we seek to remain relevant and faithful to our print readers and digital and broadcast audiences. We seek to give value and remain the preferred source of information and entertainment content.

We live in times of furious change precipitated by technological advancements. Media production practices as well as consumption habits have been altered in a remarkable manner.

Old models of doing media business have been rendered untenable and the future belongs only to those who innovate and take up new challenges. For this reason, media organisations are compelled to look inwardly to assess how they operate, collect, package and distribute content, and then reorganise themselves to align to the new realities.


Every field of human endeavour, from technology to culture, economy to politics, and science to education, is transforming and reorganising to fit in the new scheme of things. Which is why we are changing; we cannot afford to lag behind.


In the midst of this tumultuous change, Kenya and the rest of the world now have a new challenge, Covid-19, an undefinable pandemic that has transformed social relations, work practices and how society organises itself.

The media have found themselves thrust in an enviable position of not just providing information but also explaining it in detail, showing trends, and offering hope by giving pointers to where solutions can be found. Indeed, this is a historic moment.

When, in 1959, His Highness the Aga Khan launched the Nation Newspapers, the overriding objective was to provide voice to the voiceless by offering independent, reliable and believable information to enable the masses make decisions on what matters to them. Providing a voice to the voiceless means constantly aligning to their needs.

NMG has done that throughout generations. At every epochal moment, it has had to go through a process of renewal to respond to the emerging needs of society. In doing that, it has prioritised innovation and creativity, and also leveraged quality. This is what the redesigned Nation products are all about.


We bring new content that our consumers have asked for during our extensive market surveys. We respond to the preferences of our audiences, but we also pioneer new areas. The new products retain the gems of the past that have enabled us reach where we are as we create new content and adopt new presentation styles.

Newspaper consumption is about content and the physical look — feel and appeal. At a time when media content is easily accessed through digital platforms, especially hand-held devices, print products have to be trendy and classy. They have to appeal to new and old readers alike. This is what we have done. Your newspaper is about good display and style; every item is purposefully planned to allow you, dear reader, ease of navigation. Your new paper has different and elegant typeface, bold pictures and graphics, and lots of white space. Going through the newspaper is intended to be fun and enjoyable.

The Saturday Nation has distinguished itself as a family paper that provides comprehensive and analytical news, exciting features and captivating sports stories. It presents news in an easy-to-read manner, ensuring that every reader or consumer has something to look for. It has diversity, ranging from hard news to politics to analyses and commentaries. As short forms dominate online platforms, this newspaper strikes a balance by introducing more long reads that provide depth, explain issues and create context. Reading newspapers, we believe, should be an enriching experience.

Your copy of Saturday Magazine has been revamped and given a fine touch, keeping the usual elegance but adding more. It remains exquisite, engaging and fascinating as it has always been. Similarly, Seeds of Gold, the agriculture magazine, has taken a new shape, retaining regular columns and adding new ones.

We believe that, with the redesigned Saturday Nation, we have together embarked on a journey of renewal and growth through comprehensive and well-packaged information and entertainment content. Come along.

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