Justin Oglesby-A Digital Marketing Expert and Co-Founder of Conversional Company

Justin Oglesby’s success story has a humble beginning. It was in 2013 when the course of his life took a different turn. They were on a mission trip to India with his local church when he was hospitalized for more than 30 days from his severe illness. Justin (pictured right) almost lost his life on several occasions and after his recovery, he realized how fragile life is and how much he had been taking it for granted. This motivated him to come up with the dream of starting his own business from scratch.

Justin worked very hard to establish his digital marketing company, BullBox Marketing, while still on his full-time job which he left after his business scaled up. His company assists businesses to create customized sales and marketing systems through leveraging targeted digital marketing advertising. They also use a marketing funnel to generate qualified leads.

He got his experience from the work he was doing as a business development and marketing representative in the healthcare industry. Oglesby also had acquired sufficient knowledge from his multiple degrees in healthcare and marketing from the two universities; the University of North Florida and the University of Cincinnati.

Justin also runs Conversionly which he established with his business partner Zach Williams. It is focused on helping businesses and marketing agencies follow up with and qualify the leads they generate. Oglesby knew the weakness of most businesses is following up with the generated leads. In Conversionly, they develop systemized processes that are a guarantee to increased lead conversions.

The works of Justin Oglesby has made him appear in multiple shows and podcasts as an expert in lead generation and sales. They normally target local businesses to help them in the creation of custom marketing and sales solutions to boost their growth in their business activities. For the marketing agencies, they usually help them also in the follow-up and qualifying the leads they generate which in turn increases the client retention rate. For more information visit Conversionly’s website or follow Justin on social media.

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