Caerphilly-based author wins multiple international book awards

A book by a Caerphilly businessman which aims to help freelancers navigate the tricky world of marketing has been recognised at the 2020 International Book Awards and the eLit Book Awards.

Written by Steve Morgan, owner of Caerphilly-based Morgan Online Marketing, ‘Anti-Sell’ aims to support freelancers who struggle with the typical sales process, supporting them with the tactics and tips they need to generate leads, network and grow their business – without the stereotypical ‘hard sell’.

Along with the top prize in the sales category at the IBA, the book also won gold in the Business/Career/Sales category of the eLit Book Awards 2020, two silvers medals at the 2020 Global Ebook Awards and was ranked in the top five of Amazon’s small business sales and marketing best sellers list.

Steve said: “Anyone who has worked as a freelancer or who has been self-employed on a solo basis will know that one of the most difficult aspects of freelancing is sales. It’s something that I know I initially struggled with, and being part of a number of freelance communities, it was a story I heard time and time again.

“People start their small or lifestyle businesses because they have a skill or a trade; they are accountants or solicitors, carpenters or electricians. What they are usually not is salespeople.

“They know what they are doing and can provide an incredible service with years of experience, but many have not had to network or sell before. It can be a steep learning curve, because at the end of the day, no matter how good you are at your job, if you don’t have any customers, you aren’t going to earn anything.

“The best way to sell isn’t some gimmick, it’s about getting involved in communities, working with people who can recommend you and showcasing your expertise by supporting others. Most freelancers find that they create the sales they need to survive, not by spending hours cold calling or emailing on a wing and a prayer, but by organically creating interest by doing what they do.

“That’s why the book has been so popular – because it was written by the collective experiences of the very community it supports: freelancers.”

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